Wood Stain Dyes

Our high quality wood stain dyes are manufactured
& designed to permanently dye.

Wood stain dyes

Wood stain dyes penetrates deep into the wood grain producing a long lasting and translucent stain. We have used a good oil base and anti- settling formula for a rich depth of color on the wood. With our palette of colors in wood stain dyes, one can give his home furniture, doors and windows a perfect color. These stain dyes are available in both power as well as liquid form. Mixed in solvents like alcohol, lacquer and oil, these dye stains give better clarity than pigment stains.

Sr NoProduct parwood1% Light fastness0.25% Light Fastness2% dye Solubility in water2% dye solubility in Methoxy propanol
01Wood Stain Dyes Yellow L-GL65V GoodExcellent
02Wood Stain Dyes Orange L-R65-6ModerateExcellent
03Wood Stain Dyes Scarlet L-L4-53-4V GoodExcellent
04Wood Stain Dyes Red L-BB54V GoodExcellent
05Wood Stain Dyes Red L-GN65V GoodExcellent
06Wood Stain Dyes Rubine L-2R5-65V GoodExcellent
07Wood Stain Dyes Brown L-GR65V GoodExcellent
08Wood Stain Dyes Navy L-B64V GoodExcellent
09Wood Stain Dyes Black L-RB5-64-5V GoodExcellent
10Wood Stain Dyes Olive LG64V GoodExcellent
11Wood Stain Dyes Black L-RX5-64-5V GoodExcellent