Pigment Paste & Emulsions

Our high quality pigment paste & emulsions are manufactured
& designed to permanently dye.

Pigment Paste & Emulsions

Parshwanath group of Industries is a reliable name when it comes to buy Textile Pigment Paste of world class quality. The company is a well-reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Textile Pigment paste that cater to diverse requirements of plastic, textile, and paper industries. Specially manufactured from good quality raw materials, our Textile Pigment Paste are the best choice available in the markets. We deal in different types of Textile Pigment Paste that includes Black MV, Blue MB, Orange M5G, Red MGR and so on. The clients can avail these Textile Pigment Paste in different packaging choices, at very reasonable prices.

We are offering Pigment Paste & Emulsions that is used in textile, paint, detergent paper, ink industry, soap industry and many others. These emulsions and well-certified formulations, are recognized for their purity and color fastness.

Pigment paste and emulsion is high dispersed suspension of pigments, which is formed with the mixture of water and pigment auxiliaries.

Features : Stability, bright color, fineness, color fastness, non conductive, temperature resistant and chemical resistant.
Storage Conditions : Shady and dry place
Usage Condition : Stir well before use

Used In

1. Plastic Industries
2. Textile Industries
3. Leather Industries
4. Paper Industries

LightWashing atChlorinePerspiration
40°C 100°C
Pigment Paste Red MGRPigment Paste Red MGR754-54-55
Pigment Paste Orange M5GPigment Paste Orange M5G754-54-55
Pigment Paste Blue MBPigment Paste Blue MB75555
Pigment Paste Black MVPigment Paste Black MV7-854-555
Pigment Paste Red Violet MRKPigment Paste Red Violet MRK7-854-54-55
Pigment Paste Violet MBPigment Paste Violet MB7-854-555
Pigment Paste Yellow M2GPigment Paste Yellow M2G7-854-555
Pigment Paste G. Yellow MRMPigment Paste G. Yellow MRM7-854-555
Pigment Paste L. yellow M5GPigment Paste L. yellow M5G7-854-555
Pigment Paste Bordeaux MBNPigment Paste Bordeaux MBN7-854-555
Pigment Paste Blue MGPigment Paste Blue MG7-85555
Pigment Paste Navy Blue MBPigment Paste Navy Blue MB754-54-55
Pigment Paste Turquolso MBNPigment Paste Turquolso MBN754-54-55
Pigment Paste Green MBPigment Paste Green MB7-854-54-55
Pigment Paste Green M2GPigment Paste Green M2G7-854-54-55
Pigment Paste Olive Green MBPigment Paste Olive Green MB654-54-54-5
Pigment Paste Brown MGRPigment Paste Brown MGR3-4554-55
Pigment Paste Brown MRPigment Paste Brown MR6-75555
Pigment Paste Black MGPigment Paste Black MG7-854-555
Pigment Paste Red MGR