Food Colour

Our high quality food colour are manufactured
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Food Colour

The colour of food is an integral part of our culture and enjoyment of life. Even early civilizations such as the Romans recognized that people "eat with their eyes" as well as their palates. Saffron and other spices were often used to provide a rich yellow colour to various foods. Butter has been coloured yellow as far back as the 1300's.

We provide Food Dye. Today, all food colour additives are carefully regulated by authorities to ensure that foods are safe to eat and accurately labeled.

Why Are Colour Additives Used In Foods?

Colour is an important property of foods that adds to our enjoyment of eating. Nature teaches is early to expect certain colours in certain foods, and our future acceptance of foods is highly dependent on meeting these expectations.

Colour variation in foods throughout the seasons and the effects of food processing and storage often require that manufacturers add colour to certain foods to meet consumer expectations. The primary reasons of adding colours to foods include:

» To offset colour loss due to exposure to light, air, extremes of temperature, moisture and storage conditions.
» To correct natural variations in colour. Off-coloured foods are often incorrectly associated with inferior quality. For example, some tree-ripened oranges are often sprayed with Citrus Red No.2 to correct the natural orangy-brown or mottled green colour of their peels (Masking inferior quality, however, is an unacceptable use of colours.)

» To enhance colours that occur naturally but at levels weaker than those usually associated with a given food.
» To provide a colourful identity to foods that would otherwise be virtually colourless. Red colours provide a pleasant identity to strawberry ice while lime sherbet is known by its bright green colour.

» To provide a colourful appearance to certain "fun foods." Many candies and holiday treats are coloured to create a festive appearance.
» To protect flavours and vitamins that may be affected by sunlight during storage.

» To provide an appealing variety of wholesome and nutritious foods that meet consumers' demands.

Food Colours

ColoursProduct Name Colour
Index no.
FD &
Colour Index
E.C_No.CAS_Number Total Dye
Volatile Matter LedArsenicMercuryHeavy_Metals
 TARTRAZINE19140Yellow 5Yellow 4E-10253026-69-985%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Sunset Yellow fcf15985Yellow 6Yellow 3E-1102783-94-085%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Carmoisine14720-Red 3E-12253026-69-985%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Ponceau 4R16255-Red 7E-1241611-82-782%18% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Amaranth16185Red 2Red 9E-123115-67-385%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Allura Red16035Red 40Red 17E-12925956-17-685%15% 2 ppm 1 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Chocolate Brown ht20285-Brown 3E-1554553-89-370%30% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Quinoline yellow ws47005Yellow 10Yellow 13E-104100208-62-670%30% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Brilliant blue fcf42090Blue 1Blue 2E-1333844-45-985%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Indigi Carmine73015Blue 2Blue 1E-132860-22-085%15% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Erythorsine45430red 3red 14E-12716432-68-087%13% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Patent Blue V42051Blue 3Blue 5E-13120262-76-485%- 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Red 2G S18050-Red 10E-1283734-67-680%20% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm
 Black Pn28440-Black 1E-1512844080%20% 2 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm 20 ppm

Lake Colours

 Lake Tartrazine19140:1E-1021934-94-DF.D. & C.Yellow 5 Food Yellow 4
 Lake Allura Red16035:1E-1291934-94-DF.D. & C. Red 40 Food Red 17
 Lake Brilliant Blue FCF42090:1E-1332783-94-0F.D. & C. Blue 1 Food Blue 2
 Lake Ponceau 4R16255:1E-1242611-82-7Food Red 7  
 Lake Erythrosine45430:1E-1272611-82-7F.D. & C. Red 3 Food Red 14
 Lake Indigo Carmine73015:1E-1323567-69-9F.D. & C. Blue 2 Food Blue 1
 Lake Amaranth16185:1E-123915-67-3F.D. & C. Red 2 Food Red 9
 Lake Quinoline Yellow47005:1E-104915-67-3D. & C. Yellow 10 Food Yellow 13
 Lake Carmoisine14720:1E-1223567-69-9Food Red 3 Azorubine
 Lake Sunset Yellow FCF15985:1E-1102783-94-0F.D. & C. Yellow 6 Food Yellow 3
Blended LakeAll Blended Lake Colours Available

Blended Colours

Blended Colours
Egg YellowBO 3090
Yolk YellowBO 4590
Orange RedBO 3890
Straberry RedBO 4290
Rose PinkBO 4190
Raspeberry RedBO 4090
GrapeBO 3290
VioletBO 4490
Coffee BrownBO 2690
Chocolate BrownBO 2490
Dark ChocolateBO 2890
Lime GreenBO 3690
Apple GreenBO 2190
Pea GreenBO 3990
Black CurrentBO 2290
Kesar SupraBO 3190
FalsaBO 4790
Khala KhattaBO 1290
Dark OrangeBO 5290
PurpleBO 3790
BlackBO 5390


Known as drug & cosmetic colours suitable for tablet coatings, compressed tablets, syrups, hard & soft gelatin capsules, toiletries, skin-care products, water-based make-up, toothpaste, lipstick, nail polish, pencil, foundation and lip gloss.


1. Use in Toothpaste
2. Liquid Soap
3. Bath Soap
4. After Shave
5. Toilet Cleaner
6. Liquid Dish Washer
7. Capsules
8. Syrups

9. Deodorants
10. Shampoos
11. Hair Oil
12. Skin Creams
13. Glass Cleaner
14. Detergents
15. Tablet Coatings
16. Other personal care and home care products

C.I. No.D&C No.C.I. Name
61570D&C Green 5Acid Green 25
61565D&C Green 6Solvent Green 3
59040D&C Green 8Solvent Green 7
15510D&C Orange 4Acid Orange 7
15850D&C Red 6Pigment Red 57
15850:1D&C Red 7Pigment Red 57:1
26100D&C Red 17Solvent Red 23
45380:2D&C Red 21Solvent Red 43
45380D&C Red 22Acid Red 87
17200D&C Red 33Acid Red 33
60725D&C Violet 2Solvent Violet 13
60730D&C Ext. Violet 2Acid Violet 43
45350:1D&C Yellow 7Solvent Yellow 94
45350D&C Yellow 8Acid Yellow 73
47005D&C Yellow 10Acid Yellow 3
47000D&C Yellow 11Solvent Yellow 33