Titanium Dioxide

Our high quality titanium dioxide are manufactured
& designed to permanently dye.

Titanium Dioxide

Parshwanath Dyestuff Industries in collaboration with a German Company introduces three types of Titanium Dixoide Products. These products are available in Food, Rutile And Anatase Grades and are used in various industries including, inks, dyestuff, paints, plastic and many others. Each batch goes through strict quality checking before being delivered to the client.

Titanium Dioxide Rutile

Titanium dioxide rutile grade owns R crystalline form, which is a very stable, and it decides rutile titanium dioxide exhibiting excellent performances, excellent weather resistance, high temperature fastness, good anti-yellowing, more blue undertone. The product is more suitable for outdoor applicatinos. Epsilon produce rutile titanium dioxide by sulfate process and chloride process, sulfate process titanium dioxide rutile pigment is more economic, this pigment can be applicable for all kinds of areas, paints and coatings, plastics and master batches, paper, printing inks, synthetic fibers, ceramic etc. Compared with sulfate process, titanium dioxide rutile chloride process has better dispersion, more blue undertone, higher coloring strength and opacity, as well as better fastness.

Titanium Dioxide Anatase

Anatase Titanium Dioxide, A crystalline form, turns to rutile grade when heated to more than 700°C, becomes yellow tone when temperature higher than 400°C, worse durability, lightfastness and tinting strength than rutile grade. This pigment exhibits good light scattering strength, high whiteness, strong hiding power, good weather fastness. Hence, titanium dioxide anatase grade is mainly used in papers, printing inks, textile and fiber, rubber, but also available for indoor industrial coatings, plastics, ceramics.

In papers applications, titanium dioxide anatase grade plays the role in fluorescence and whitening. In printing inks applications, this product is mainly used to be colorant in high grade printing inks. In textiles and fibers applications, this pigment is deluster. In rubbers applications, titanium dioxide anatase pigment is not only a colorant also reinforcing agent, anti-aging agent and filling agent.

Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles grade, also known as nanometer grade, nanopowder grade and nanometer-size grade, is a super fine and high purity white powder, the particle size is less than 50nm. Epsilon produce rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles NR601 and anatase titanium dioxide nanoparticles NA602, NA602 owns good photocatalytic activity, widely used in sewage treatment, air purification, catalyst, self-cleaning glass, self-cleaning ceramics, antibacterial material etc. NR601 exhibits strong shielding effects against UV ultraviolet trays, extensively used sunscreen cosmetics, sunscreen cream, natural white moisture protection cream, beauty and whitening cream, morning and night cream, moistening refresher, vanishing cream, skin protecting cream, face washing milk, skin milk, powder make-up, functional chemical fibers, high grade plastics, UV-resistant material, printing ink, coating etc.

There are a wide ranges of product applications in different fields with a large different amount of dosage, from 0.5 to 8%. In general, the quantity to be added is about 3% for water treatment, 5% for chemical fibers, plastics, printing inks, coatings and sunscreen cosmetics. The end user shall determine the quantity to be added through testing and make the best dosage choice for the best use.

Titanium Dioxide RAKTAN Pr900 (Rutile Grade)

Titanium Dioxide PR900 is a high quality Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide used in Paints, Plastics, Ink, Textiles etc. The PR900 is equivalent to grades KMM822, Dupont R902+ and many other standard grades for Rutile.

PR900 is an excellent high grade rutile titanium dioxide pigment designed with good gloss, excellent opacity, easy dispersion and nice whiteness.

Applications : It is recommended for evaluation in
Both interior and exterior painting.
Solvent and water painting.Both interior and exterior painting.
Masterbatch, plastic, PVC.
Inks, leather, rubber, textiles etc.

Typical Properties
TiO2 Content≥ 94 %
Organic TreatmentYes
Inorganic TreatmentYes
Specific Gravity (g/cm3)4.1
Oil Absorption (g/100g)≤ 23
pH Value6.0 - 8.5
Residue on sieve of 45 µm (m/m)≤ 0.05%
ISO 591R2
ASTM D-476-00Type II
CAS number13463-67-7
Color Index77891 Pigment White 6


Keep the product un-stacked in dry and closed rooms at normal temperature and air humidity. To achieve best possible results, we recommend storage under the condition stated above and use within 12 months from delivery.

* Typical Properties not to be construed as specifications.

Titanium Dioxide RAKTAN Pa101 (Anatase Grade)

Titanium Dioxide PA101 is high quality Anatase Grade Titanium Dioxide used in Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Soap etc. The PA101 is equivalent to grades TTK Anatase ISI and many other standard grades for Anatase.

P A101 is an Anatase Titanium Dioxide pigment manufactured on the basis of advanced technology. It is actively treated with unique surface dispersion technology by adding inorganic additives which can reduce the surface force between the particles of titanium dioxide, enhance the powder dry flow ability, greatly improve the dispersion properties. PA101 is a high cost effective product aiming at the demand of market with good dispersion, good whiteness, high hiding and tinting strength, low oil absorption.

Active TiO2 Content %≥ 98% (98% min)
?L*(sample-standard sample)≥ -0.3
?s=(?a2+?b2)0.5≤ 0.5
Matter volatile at 105oC %≤ 0.6
Matter soluble in water %≤ 0.5
Residue on sieve 45µm %≤ 0.1
PH of aqueous suspension6.0-8.5
Oil Absorption g/100g≤ 26
Tinting strength %≥ 100
Colour Index 77891Pigment White 6
CAS No.13463-67-7
EINECS No.236-675-5
ASTM D476-84I
AppearanceWhite Fine Powder
Powder OdourNone

Storage Recommendations

Keep the product stored in sealed original packaging in cool, ventilated, dry place, protected from sunlight.

Titanium Dioxide RAKTAN f200 (Food Grade : Fda Certified)

Titanium Dioxide PF200 is high quality Food Grade Titanium Dioxide featuring very high purity, extremely low heavy-metal, and also has superior pigment performance such as bright-white gloss, excellent hiding power and tinting strength, very good dispersion and chemical stability. The combined properties of PF200 is similar to those international brands Titanium dioxide used in medicine, food and cosmetic industries, etc.

Titanium dioxide is a compound whose formula is TiO2.As a food additive it is used to attenuate some other color tinge present in the food. The chemical purity of titanium dioxide confirms with the requirements for use as additive in food and tobacco products in Europe,US,Asia and World.

Shelf life48 months min
Moisture at 1050C0.50 % max
Assay99.00 % min
Arsenic1.00 mg/kg max
Lead10.00 mg/kg max
Mercury1.00 mg/kg max
Antimony, as sb2.00 mg/kg max
Cadmium1.00 mg/kg max
Acid-soluble substances0.50% max
Loss on drying0.50 % max
Loss on ignition0.50 % max (after dried)
Colour Index 77891Pigment White 6
CAS No.13463-67-7
EINECS No.236-675-5
ASTM D476-84I
AppearanceWhite Fine Powder
Powder OdourNone

Storage Recommendations

Keep the product stored in sealed original packaging in cool,ventilated, dry place, protected from sunlight.